Small Business Loans Alternative Loan Solution

We help you Grow and Succeed 

Business loans are the best option for starting any business. Help you to start, grow and succeed in your business. Whether small or large, new or established, Small Business Loans are the most effective way to get financing. Are also very effective in growing existing businesses; use the  funds to upgrade technology or to increase the quantity and quality of your output. A business loan can put your business on the path of success and growth.

Small business owner usually prefer to take small business loans for starting their business.  If you are planning to expand your business, we are here to support your financial needs in that endeavor as well.  Whatever your situation, Orbit can help you obtain the required capital to promote your business.

Getting a Small Business Loan can be diffecult to obtain

Sometimes it becomes difficult to get a small business loan due to restrictions imposed by the lender due to particulars like the size, age of business, financial health etc. The lender may want a personal guarantee from the entrepreneur, and the amount will likely also be secured by the assets of the business.

Lenders generally take the following into consideration when approving a business loan:

  • How much profit and income is generated annually by the business
  • How long the business has been in operation
  • How many workers are employed by the business

Of course, there are always disadvantages to having a loan; you must be prepared and able to make on-time payments, even if your business isn’t turning a profit. You will usually need to personally guarantee the loan, and if you do not make those payments then the business owner’s personal credit rating may suffer. If you, as the business owner, default on the loan, you risk losing both business and personal assets. With the right knowledge and preparation, however, a small business loan can set your business on the path to success!