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By conducting interviews amongst successful, small business owners, you shall notice similar attributes across the board.  Here is a breakdown of the top three traits every flourishing business owner exhibits regardless of industry and/or field.

Demonstrate a Sunny Disposition

A thriving employer displays a positive outlook at work.  This reflects in your employee’s attitudes.  Thus, if you come to work in a great mood, and handle situations with an upbeat and effective manner, your employees will react in the exact behavior.  It is contagious to be positive.  And who wants to work for someone who isn’t?  Being negative does not promote productivity.

Provide Excellent Time Management

If you want to run a business, you need to be aware of time management. You need to make sure the time you are putting into a project is returned financially.  Furthermore, keep track of deadlines, schedules and billing dates.  It ensures you, and your workforce, stay on the right path to deliver projects on-time to customers.

Show Confidence in Decision-Making

An effective leader manages decisions with confidence.  Do not be wishy-washy or else those around you will question your capabilities.  It does nothing for your business having clients and/or employees to see you self-doubt.  Prevent this from occurring via strategizing, thinking, and planning your choices before talking to your employees.  Then, when announcing changes, decisions, and/or statements, stand behind it.  Do not falter from your selection.

Honor these three traits.  Incorporate them into your work life.  Once you do, you shall see a difference in your employees’ attitudes and quality of work.

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Small Business LoansThere are basic obstacles every small business owner must cross, and here are a few of the top mistakes made.

Do Not Underestimate Start-Up Costs

Some people jump right into wanting to create a business without fully reviewing, outlining and strategizing start-up costs.  There are marketing expenses, promotional materials, advertising, facility leases, office supplies, liability and permits that need tabulating within the expenditure required to start a business.  Furthermore, there are employee salaries, shipping costs, network servers, computers, software, and sometimes outsourcing services needed to launch, properly, a business.  All of these elements should be deliberated when configuring what it takes to start a small business.

Remember to Count Taxes

When first-time entrepreneurs are debating on whether to go forth with a business idea, they tend to think about profits, earnings, expenses, but forget a vital factor, taxes.  Taxes need serious consideration when deciding if you should start your own business or not.  Do not wait until after you start the business to take into account tax payments for you may get yourself into a bind.  It is a government obligation unavoidable by all.  Therefore, do not forget to consider tax payments.

Over-Calculate Scheduling

Some new business owners forget to plan regarding the length of time it will take before their company is up and running.  Some businesses endure a long duration dedicated to preparation that occurs prior to earning profits and having the ability to sustain itself.  This specific period, in general, is underestimated.  Therefore, make sure you do not find yourself in the same predicament and overestimate how long it will take before the company is earning on its own.

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