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Top 4 Ways to Reduce Employee Theft

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All companies have to address employee theft prevention.  It is a common issue to deal with amongst small business and large corporations but with proper preparation, setting guidelines, and discussing the issues with employees stealing odds decrease from occurring at your workplace.

Write a Theft Prevention Policy

Putting expectations and punishment in writing seems to do the trick with most businesses.  You have an outline for employees to follow ensuring they do not engage in or repeat any unacceptable behavior in this arena.  The law of the land is clear when it is in text.

Conduct Background Checks

It is common for a potential employee candidate to sign permission documents allowing employers to conduct background checks.   It is part of regular practice in today’s hiring world.  Check for criminal activity.  Utilize it to verify educational background, and past employment positions.  It is part of creating a healthy, safe, positive work environment by filling the posts with honest and truthful people.  This type of environment encourages a cohesive workforce that will be more adapt to elevating each other’s work rather than tearing it down.

Generate a Happy Work Setting

When employees feel valued, positive, and appreciated then the chances of employee theft drop significantly.  In addition, be sure you are paying your employees fair wages.  The better wages offered the less likely chances of stealing cash occurs.

Check the Books

Furthermore, check the accounting books regularly.   Be certain client checks are being deposited into the correct banking accounts.  Make sure no employees are skimming off the top.

All of these are great tips to help employee theft from unfolding at your small business.  If your business is low on cash flow or operating costs then consider an unsecured business loan today.

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Ways to Reduce Employee Theft

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Unfortunately, during a recession, employee theft increases in various small businesses.  Employees become desperate and make the wrong decisions.   Therefore, as a small business owner you need to be prepared and prevent employee theft from occurring in your store.  Here are a few things to look out for ensuring you do not lose money due to criminal activity.

Watch Your Receipts

Have you noticed more sale voids with specific employees who are not in training mode?  Do their average voids exceed the norm of other employee shifts?  You need to pay attention for employees may be using voids as a way to keep your money.  For instance, if a customer pays $10.00 for a specific item and the sale is void.  Then the same customer is charged $8.00 for the exact purchase, your employee may be pocketing the difference.   Just be aware of the receipt situation and make sure no one is using receipts as a method to steal money from you.

Count the Register

Some employees that attempt theft will pocket petty cash or change.  They may choose to do so a little at a time thinking it will not be a noticeable amount.  However, every penny makes a difference.  It takes away from your financing and operating costs.  Hence, you need to accurately count register cash prior and after shifts.

The most important thing is to remember not to jump to any conclusions.  The majority of employees are honest, dependable, and trustworthy people.  Otherwise, you would not have hired them in the first place.  It is solely smart to take notice of what is occurring during daily business activities.  It will save you money and provide you with peace of mind in the end.

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