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The health of the business is unpredictable in many cases. It is certainly necessary these days to apply for the business cash advance to serve the needs in a better way. Gone are the days when you are required to depend upon the conventional loan system to sustain the business. Now-a-days, if your priority is to go for the loan then cash advanceis a far more appropriate option.

There are some important reasons on the basis of which you can give priority to it on the conventional bank loans available.

Swift funding

When you are in the requirement of the merchant cash advance then the bank loans will never serve your needs on time. It will take months to accomplish various formalities and to receive the cash in your hands. The paperwork will always be lengthy and inevitable and there is no guarantee that even after going through all these formalities your bank loan will get approved. It is certainly not the right procedure if you are in the urgent need of money to serve your business needs.

Cash advance on the other hand will only take a few hours to approve the loan and you can easily match up all your urgent need of cash. This is the key advantage that you can ever find in today’s market. It is significant for you to get benefited with the available facility because it doesn’t matter whether your business is small or large both money and time is extremely important for you. You cannot compromise with this fact anyhow! If you can access the loan in a quick frame of time then it is definitely possible for you to invest the same in your business activities and avail prudent results out of it within the deadline.

Risk free repayment process

The process of repayment of the merchant cash advance is normally accomplished via the credit card processing. Unlike the conventional bank loans, there will be no risk of repaying with amount with huge interest rate within the frame of deadline. The repayment will be simply based on your credit card sales made on a regular basis. The person or the company granting the loan will agree to a specific percentage rate from the business sales on monthly basis and the process will move on till the time when the entire cash advance is paid back.

There will be no role of personal guarantees, collaterals and interest fees in the business cash advances. Even if due to unfavorable circumstances you fail to pay the amount back in the time frame as agreed before then the concerned company will not take the legal act against you. You mode of payback will be highly flexible and you will not find any sort of difficulty in accomplishing the same.

Now, all you are required is the services of right cash advance provider and everything will move easy for you. If you seek the personal recommendation then it is advisable to make a visit to Orbit Business Loans. No one can understand and serve your needs better than them!

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merchant-cash-advance-loans-business-smallYou are at a crossroads.  Your business needs additional funding, but a small business loan takes an excessive amount of time before receiving cash-in-hand.  As a business owner with poor personal credit, you are limited in options.  What should you do?  You need to pay for new equipment, employee salaries and purchase fresh merchandise.  A business cash advance is the solution to all these issues.  But before applying, here are a few basic facts of what to expect with a business cash advance.

How to Qualify for a Business Cash Advance

A business cash advance is one of the easiest forms to attain funding for your company.  It is based on revenue received from credit card transactions.  Let me explain.

To pay back a business cash advance, the payments are taken out of your credit card sales.  A percentage is taken out with each charge.  Therefore, you need a minimum of $5,000 a month in credit card transactions to qualify.  For you, this is nothing.  You handle $5,000 a month in transactions and that is on a slow day.

Penalties are Not Relevant

One of the biggest benefits to a business cash advance is the fact that there are no default penalties or dues.  With a small business loan, if you are late in payment, severe consequences apply.  If you put up any collateral, the bank seizes, liquidates it and leaves you with nothing.  With a business cash advance, it eliminates this horrible situation from occurring.

For more information, talk to one of our business cash advance or unsecured business loan experts today!

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A merchant cash advance is a way for small businesses to receive funding without having to worry about the same parameters as seen in a small business loan.  You do not have to worry about monthly payments creeping up on you when funds are low.  Instead, you just pay back the funding through credit card transactions.  It is a hassle-free alternative to the traditional business loan.  Here we take a closer look at what it takes to attain a merchant cash advance.

No Credit Score Needed

If you are running a business and credit score is low then it will be tough to qualify for a small business loan.  You will have to examine alternative means for funding and a business cash advance is a great way to help your business without putting your assets at risk.

With a merchant cash advance, you do not worry about paying back the money.  This provides an instant sense of relief.  It prevents stress from building up due to a monthly payment due date is approaching and you are broke.  Instead, every time there is a credit card transaction, the lender will attain a payment.  It will be a fixed percentage of sales allowing the business to attain earnings along the way.  This is a huge benefit for your business does not slow down due to the merchant cash advance.

To find out more about a merchant cash advance, talk to one of our small business loan experts today.  He/she will provide you with a number of options, and together we shall find the right fit for you.

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