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marketing-tips-small-business-loan-cheapIt is tough to execute a marketing strategy if your business is strapped for cash.  As a small business owner, you should always have operating costs covered.  Without funding readily available, then it becomes impossible to pay vendors, employees and space.  Apply for an unsecured business loan.  In the meantime, begin implementing marketing tips on a budget.  Here are my top two.

Be Consistent in the Quality of Product and Service Provided

Customers do not return to businesses with inconsistent delivery of paid services.  For example, if a client phones or visits your location in-person, then employees should greet the customer.  Treat the person like a V.I.P.  Then, upon the customers return, provide the same consistent greeting, friendliness and professionalism.  This extends to your product.  The product should be the same if it is the customer’s first order or the hundredth. Make this step part of your marketing strategy.  It separates you from the rest of your competition.

Know Your Target Market

Knowing your target market is winning more than half the battle.  If you know your target market, then it pinpoints catering promotions, sales and advertising to your customers.  This will save you money in the end.  You go after your exact potential and current customers, and keep them coming back for more.

It is difficult to run a small business and compete against large corporations, but the key to success is to narrow your focus and implement affordable marketing strategies.

For information on how to obtain marketing funding for your company, call one of our small business loan experts today!

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How to Determine a Marketing Plan

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There is little margin left for error when running a small business.  You need to think about short and long-term goals and how to attain them.  Here are tips on how to create a solid marketing plan assisting in achieving your business goals.

Think about Short-Term

What do you need to address immediately?  What is your business able to achieve with the current customers?  Short-term goals attain short-term results.  Thus, if there is something immediate that can shape up this accomplishment then go for it.  For instance, build a customer referral plan. It is a way to utilize current customers to attain further business.  It does not require a long drawn out marketing plan.  It is something to utilize in the present ensuing increased business.

Think about Long-Term

Map out what you would like to achieve long-term. Think about the 5, 10, and 15-year plan then work backwards.  Start brainstorming what it takes to reach the 15-year goal that needs to be set in stone from now.  How do you work towards it?  What efforts need to be put into place ensuring the foundation for reaching these objectives occurs?  Plan ahead so you do not get into a bind later.  Maybe this is where you start thinking about Search Engine Optimization or local search.  For these type of Marketing tactics sometimes take a while before seeing the desired results.  It is definitely appropriate to include them as part of a long-term plan.

Considering the long-term and short-term goals, helps establish your marketing plan. Outline these points then think about the marketing cost.  If you need additional information about how to fund marketing expenses, talk to a small business loan or merchant cash advance expert today.

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You have to think outside of the box when trying to reach potential customers.  The old method of sending out mailers no longer works with the same results as other marketing means.  Here is a breakdown of some ways to enhance your clientele base without sacrificing marketing dollars.

Receive Free Press Coverage

Pitch stories to the editors of trade magazines and journals in your industry.  Talk to the editors about featuring you as a regular writer.  This will allow the audience to see you as an expert in the field, get your name out and attain further business via the press.  For example, if you are an interior designer have a column in a local trade magazine.  You could write about how to “go green” on a budget or how to redecorate a room on the cheap.  Find out what the hot topics are for your industry and start submitting your material.

Attend Conferences

Try to attend as many conferences, workshops, and other business events for your industry as possible.  Let’s go with the interior designer reference above.  If you are trying to expand your business then attend a home expo show.  Talk to the cabinetmakers and see if there is a way to work together.  Perhaps the cabinetmaker is able to provide referrals and you shall be able to send business him/her way too.  It is a win-win situation.

These are two great ways to market your business without spending a dime.  If you are still looking for additional funding then talk to a small business loan expert today.  He/she will be able to discuss an unsecured business loan and how it benefits your situation.

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