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small-business-loan-oprah-favorite-things-holiday-marketingIn ode of Oprah’s favorite things, here are my top holiday marketing ideas for your business.  These ideas increase sales and customers by putting you in the forefront of the competition.

Donate a Percentage of Profits

It is time to give back to the community, causes and non-profits.  Choose one that means something to your business, staff, employees and give a portion of profits to it.  This is a win-win situation.  It drives public attention to your product and the cause.  It lets people know when they buy your product they are also helping raise funds for a worthy foundation.

Provide Giveaways

By placing your product as a giveaway for a local company holiday party, you are putting your product in the face of potential consumers.  It is an effective way to spread the word about your services.  If your target market includes teenagers, donate to a high school holiday event.  If your business caters to college students get involved with a well-known sorority or fraternity on campus.  Is your product for working parents?  Donate a gift giveaway to a daycare.

There are different tactics to get your product in front of your target market.  Use these holiday marketing ideas to lure potential and repeat clients.

To receive additional funding for holiday marketing plans, talk to one of our small business loan or unsecured business loan experts today!

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How to Allocate Marketing Time

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The entire idea of owning your own business is to have more time for your friends and family.  However, it seems to be a struggle.  For running a small business is time consuming.  The best solution to this issue is to find a way to market your company while still preserving personal time.  Here are some basic ideas on how to dedicate more time to personal obligations and less on work.

Schedule Automated Advertising

There are many tools available to small businesses today that allow you to run ads online without having to schedule adjustments on a daily basis.  There are programs, such as Google Adwords, which has the capability to be set and run.  For instance, you could designate your online ads to run between 7 A.M.-3 P.M. Monday through Friday.  Of course, you still need to check ad pricing and results on a regular basis.  Nevertheless, having the ability to set a specific schedule frees up your personal time.  Please note, besides designating times and days, you may choose a daily spending limit ensuring you do not go over budget.  This provides peace of mind, and the chance to be liberated of checking the information nonstop.

Find Someone to Create, Write and Send a Newsletter

It is essential to stay in touch with current and potential clients.  A newsletter is the perfect way to attain this goal.  Additionally, you want to stay in contact with professional referrals too.  These people send you business.  A newsletter is a means to remain in contact without being overbearing.  You may also include seasonal specials grabbing the reader’s attention and charming people into your business.

If you are just starting up and need additional cash flow, talk to a small business loan expert today.

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Small Business Marketing Plan 101

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Small business marketing has evolved over the years.  With the introduction of social networking, internet marketing, and local search the mediums have changed from your basic television and radio marketing plans.  But there are some standard rules that apply no matter what the current trend is in business.  Let us take a closer look at small business and examine what it takes to reach the next level without breaking the bank.

Cross Promote

I have mentioned this in earlier blog entries, but it cannot be emphasized enough.  You need to cross promote with other small businesses in the area.  For instance, if you are a nail salon, exchange local links online with the local gym.  Having the two businesses marketing for one another adds to your marketing efforts without sacrificing money out of your pocket.

Do Not Worry about the Big Dogs

Small businesses do not have the same type of advertising and marketing cash as big companies, so do not even compare the two.  You are not going to be able to match their spending budget.  But what you can do is work with what you’ve got.  Focus on your target market within your area and reach those consumers.  Spread the word about your business, and potential customers will come.

Small businesses need to stay focused on their goals.  If you are running a small business, think about what you can do to improve marketing efforts.  If you need to expand your budget, think about applying for a small business loan or a merchant cash advance today.

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