How to Remain Employed


With unemployment on the rise, it is difficult to determine how to get ahead.  This is an issue even for those who run their own franchise or work from home. There always seems to be someone on a higher level you have to answer to.  Thus, what are the guaranteed scenarios to avoid partaking in preventing you from being another unemployment statistic?  Here is a list of situations to steer clear of ensuring to maintain employment, and keep your career track moving forward.

Avoid Negative Comments

Your boss hears complaints nonstop from those below and higher than him/her.  Therefore, when your boss delegates a task to you reply with, “No problem.”  It resonates positively with your boss.  Your boss does not want to hear any excuses.  Zip it if a negative reply is about to form.  Stay positive.  You would be surprised how having an upbeat attitude towards work changes your boss’s perspective about your position in the company.

Do Not Exhibit an Aloof Attitude

Take the time to resolve a working, marketing, sales, promotional, technical problem the company has been having, and offer the solution to your boss.  This shows initiative. It also proves you are paying attention to the company issues, and instead of replying with a shrug of the shoulders and replying with, “I don’t know,” you are presenting solutions.

Do Not Spend Company Money

Office equipment, vendors, and/or accounting software are needed to run a company.  If you deal with any service or product costing money, research various prices and show the cheapest route to your boss.  Every small business is worried about the economy, going out of business, and frightened of falling into a financial crisis. As a result, businesses are looking to cut costs where possible.  Hence, if you find a cheaper and effective means delivering the same options, your boss will take notice.

These are simple suggestions on how to ensure you remain employed.  If your business is still in a financial crisis due to the economy, talk to an experienced lender.  Find out what the best cash flow option is for your company, and have your boss investigate it further.  Talking to a lender may save your company, and job.  What do you have to lose?  Contact a loan company today.

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