How to Market Your Small Business


Already on Target with a Small Business Loan?

Time to Implement Marketing

Marketing a small business is not tough to do with a small business loan, if you know how.  Here are some simple tips on how to maximize your marketing efforts.


Referrals are the number one way to build a business.  Expand your client list by giving customers incentives to bring in their friends.  If you are a clothing boutique, then let current customers know they will receive a discount on purchases.  If you are a golf course, then let repeat clients know you will reduce course fees in exchange for sending new customers your way.   As long as you offer an incentive to your present clients, then referrals work no matter what field you are in.

Social Media

Social media marketing will give you the biggest bang for your buck.  You will attain the most customers in a brief amount of time for a reasonable price.  It gives you the opportunity to interact with potential and returning customers on a mass level that was non-existent before.  Many small businesses have seen a significant growth through using social media.


Volunteering is a good way to get the word out about your business.  For instance, if you are a printing company just starting out, and there is a local charity event occurring, then volunteer your services to print out the invitations and programs.  In exchange, receive name recognition throughout the event.  This  is a great way to show other business leaders who need your services that you exist.  It also exhibits your product and services.

If your small business is in the process of expanding and needs additional cash flow, talk to one of our experts today!

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