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Go Green at Work: Part 2

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“Go Green” at Work

Going green at work is simple to do ensuring everyone at work would be able to participate.  Thus, we extend our “Go Green at Work” series to a Part 2.  Here are more tips to help contribute to the green movement at work.

Think about Recycling

At most offices, paper is used constantly.  Therefore, why not put labeled boxes or binds in various spots throughout your office to toss paper in.  Label the box recycled paper.  Whatever paper is used place it into the box.  Once the recycled box is filled, take the paper to a recycling center near you.  Most big name grocery stores have recycling areas for paper and plastic on the premises.  It will make this task easy to accomplish for you and your office.  It will not take any extra effort to drop off recycling material.

Turn the Power Off

Some employers keep office equipment on overnight.  Why not put the office equipment on a power strip and turn it off before going home for the day?  Furthermore, put the hallway and printer room lights on motion sensors.  These effortless changes save your small business energy and money.

These are only a few “go green” ideas for your office.  Think about what else you can do to help the environment at work.  The majority of the concepts will also save your company money increasing cash flow.  So do not be shy to bring up this topic at work.  If it saves the office money, the boss will be happy and thankful improving the overall mood in the workplace.

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