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In today’s world, the key to running a solid, ever-growing business is networking.   However, not many business owners comprehend the purpose of networking nor do they know how to do it.  The fear of socializing with others seems to stop certain people in their tracks, and you cannot allow that to occur.  There is a technique to networking successfully, and here is a basic guideline to keep in mind next time you attend your next networking event.

Dump the Sales Attitude

When you are going to network with other colleagues and business owners, think about connecting with as many people as you can without selling to them directly.  You are not going to make sales to these people.  However, they may be connected to your target market without you realizing it.

For instance, if you are a kitchen cabinet distributor and attend a local interior designer association meeting it is not because you are going to sell directly to the members.  You are going to talk about your product in hopes one of the interior designers has clients who will purchase your product.  You are not in the mindset to sell, sell, sell.  You are thinking about how to make connections ensuring sales will be made down the line.

Follow-Up Regularly

Once you make these connections, do not drop the ball.  Stay in touch with these people.  Send follow up emails.  Visit an interior designer’s office you met during your networking event and bring breakfast or sweets for afternoon snacks.  Keep reminding them that you exist.  Food is an effective way of attaining this goal.

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3 Tips for New Small Businesses

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When starting a new small business you have to create a solid foundation for your business model.  There needs to be a business plan written, financial statements projected, equipment costs considered and marketing strategies ready to implement.  There is much work into creating a new business.  Here are a few staple factors successful businesses keep in mind.

Put Everything in Writing

When initially starting out, it is easy to be naïve regarding contracts.  You need to put all agreements in writing regardless of size of the deal.  You need to make sure services, goods, storage agreements, and employment policies are on paper.  Make all parties sign it.  It does not matter if you work with friends and family.  Everyone must sign the proper documents before any work is generated for clients, and before your employees start on a project.

Check Tax Documents

You need to be certain any contractors, freelance workers, and/or employees pay their taxes.  Everyone must file the proper tax documents before engaging in work.   If the contractor files his/her own taxes make them show proof of completion.

Pay Bills and Taxes Promptly

If you wait until the end of the year to handle bills and/or taxes and not pay along the way, then the amounts may sneak up on you.  By paying everything in a timely manner, you are able to stay on top of your cash flow, operating costs, and other business expenses.

If you still need additional financing for your new small business then contact a small business loan professional today.

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A small business is constantly trying to find an edge over competitors.  It is an important part of running a company.  But where and how do you start to find fresh angles giving you an advantage over other businesses?  Here are some tips ensuring your business continues to grow in the right direction.

Start Social Networking

If your business is not utilizing the social media networking sites available then you are missing huge marketing opportunities.  Social networking offers your business an opportunity to network, share, discuss, advertise, market and interact with potential and current clientele in real time.  It is a chance to spread the word about your product and services instantly.

Spend Money on Internet Presence

More people utilize the internet when searching for services and products than a phone book.  So revamp your site and start spending money on creating a strong internet presence.  Talk to a specialist who is able to assist you in accomplishing this goal.

Acquire Improved Business Practices

Building a strong business foundation is the best way to prosper in the future.  Think about how current steps taken affect the long-term results.  Do you have operating costs covered in case of a business emergency?  What about expansion business costs?  Mapping out these situations ahead assist in preparing you for a long-standing business existence.

Regardless of your industry, these tips are ways for all small businesses to stay on top of their game.  If you find yourself needing further funding speak to an expert about an unsecured business loan today.

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