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Travel expenses add up quickly.  However, with a few adjustments every business traveler is able to save his/her small business travel money in the end.

Book Travel Arrangements in Advance

One adjustment is to book travel ahead of time rather than last minute.  In general, airline reservations are cheaper when you reserve in advance.  Therefore, if you already know your out-of-town business-meeting schedule, then reserve your ticket from now.   Every little bit helps.

Avoid Internet Fees

Check with your mobile internet service and find out what options you have regarding internet service for your laptop and mobile devices.  Ask if there is a package deal available to the company that would result in a cheaper fee than if you pay for hotel internet service while on the road.  This may save more money than originally calculated.

Buy Local Produce

During travel, there is great temptation to eat out constantly.  Alternatively, why not save the company a few dollars, and your waistline a few inches, by cooking numerous meals rather than eating out.  Purchase food from the local grocery store, and grill out at the corporate apartments provided.  Additionally,  if you are staying in a hotel with a kitchenette warm up something on the stove rather than grabbing food from a restaurant.  This will benefit your company’s travel expenses budget, and your body will thank you for the healthy food options.

Park it Yourself

It is easy to choose valet parking options while traveling, but the cost of valet parking can be quite expensive.  There is the hourly valet charge, tax and the tip.  Thus, if you are staying at a hotel with valet and self-parking is available, then make the smart choice and select self-parking.

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