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unsecured-business-loan-women-business-success-tipsMore women are becoming small business owners.  They are fed-up with companies handing out pink slips and have decided to take action by making money for themselves.  It is a great idea, but only if you minimize risk by learning from the best.  Here I took the top tips from successful business owners from around the world.  Be certain to incorporate these successful habits and adapt them to your daily business skills.

Write Down Your Goals

Keeping dreams swirling around in your own head accomplishes nothing.  You need to write down your ideas onto paper.  Examine them and figure out strategies on how to achieve these goals.  Think of it is as a blueprint to refer to ensuring you are right on track.  Include present and future objectives.


You can’t do everything at once.  Prioritize your tasks.  Do not get caught up by one responsibility.  You run your own business, so once a task is completed move on to the next thing on your to-do list.  Give yourself time limits.  For instance, spend the first 30 minutes of your day returning business-related emails and client phone calls.  This helps you stay on-track.

Give Yourself Credit

It may seem like you have a long way to go but don’t forget to celebrate the little moments along the way.  This could vary from renting office space to ringing up your first sale.

Keep your business dreams alive and apply for a small business loan or an unsecured business loan today.  Call Orbit Business Loans now!

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save-money-tips-for-small-business-loan-unsecuredNo one ever said running your own business would be easy.  Add to it the recession factor and you have small businesses shutting down their doors.  So how do you keep your business afloat while the rest are sinking?  Cut the appropriate expenses before they deplete your profits.  Here are my top two ways to save money to make your business a success in 2011.

Buy Used Restaurant or Business Equipment

Many small businesses are going out of business.  Thus, take advantage of this situation by buying their used office furniture, printers, restaurant grade equipment, warehouse lifts, etc…  Whatever field you are in, seek out the appropriate equipment.  You will save money by following this step.  But verify the used equipment does not have any recall or safety issues before purchasing.

Hire a Reputable Professional for Bookkeeping and Contracts

If you have no idea how to create a legal document and you attempt to do it yourself, spend too much money on time having to repeat it until you get it right and still fall short, then forget it.  Save your money by hiring an outside professional to do it right the first time.  You do not have to find the most expensive lawyer to do your contracts, but do not find the cheapest either.  You need someone who knows what he/she is doing to ensure you stay out of any lawsuits or courthouses.  This saves you money in the long run.

If you are starting your own business and are tight on money, call one of our unsecured business loan or small business loan professionals today!

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need-business-website-small-loans-fundingAccording to, in April 2010 Americans conducted 15.5 billion searches online.  Imagine what the numbers are worldwide!  The statistics are overwhelming regarding how many people go online to check out a product, company and reviews.  It makes the choice to create a business website a no-brainer.  It is the way potential and repeat clients find you!  If you need funding to create the right small business website, talk to one of our experts about a small business loan today.  In the meantime, here are the top two reasons why you need to build a business website immediately.

Generate New Leads and Sales

On a company website, you are able to post background information, testimonials, products and services.  Use it to your advantage by providing additional information promoting staff, management and other information to lure new and repeat clients in.  It is an effective tool to attract new leads and sales.  Verify that the website includes a page where visitors are able to fill out a form with their own personal contact information.  This allows you to build leads more comprehensive than cold calling.

Keeps Your Business Working 24/7

When your office closes its doors for the day, why limit the amount of information potential clients are able to obtain about your services.  Use the website to keep your brand, company, product and services available to clients 24/7.  A website is able to keep you accessible to everyone all year long.

Take advantage of the online tools available to you.  Use the internet to expand and increase sales.

To find out more about how to secure funding for your business, talk to one of our unsecured business loan experts today!

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