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small-business-loan-find-needWith unemployment at an all-time high, many people find themselves out of work.  They are scrambling around trying to find odd jobs as a means to keep up with the bills.  But as unemployment is on the rise, there is a new statistic emerging from this unemployment crisis.  More people are starting their own businesses.  If you have the right marketing plan, product and services ensuring you earn profits, then now is the time to start a business.  But how do you pay for the business expenses?  Where will the money come from?  A small business loan is just one way to attain money for your start-up costs.

How a Small Business Loan Covers Start-Up Costs

When starting a business, there are many expenses to consider.  There are permits, equipment, employee salaries, vendor pay, products, shipping (if need-be) and more.  How will you cover these costs?  A small business loan is a way to ensure these expenses are covered.  It will allow your business the chance to succeed.  Without having the money ready to deal with start-up costs, it puts a stop to the momentum of your progress.  The “big idea” you had in mind for your business comes to a screeching halt.  You realize too late; there is no money to cover the expenses.  But with a small business loan, the money is available to propel you towards success.

Why a Personal Savings Account Falls Short

Having a piggy bank filled with enough money to cover initial costs is another way to provide funding for your business.  It allows you to start from a clean slate remaining debt-free.  But the problem is how many entrepreneurs actually have a savings account available to help with operating costs?  This is not reasonable for most people willing to create something from scratch.  Alternatively, if money is in savings, it is  likely designated for personal costs rather than business.  If you remove the money from savings, do you still have enough to pay for rent, food, electricity, car, medical emergencies and gas?  Withdrawing money from your personal savings account only works for those whose piggy bank is a large Swiss bank account.  Otherwise, you fall short when it comes to paying for personal and business expenses simultaneously.

To find out  how to pay for start-up costs, talk to one of our small business loan or unsecured business loan experts today.

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unsecured-business-loan-need-marketing-tips-social-mediaQualify for a

Small Business Loan

Then Implement

Social Media Strategies

Today, I shall share a few small business marketing tips with you that deliver high impact.  But before incorporating these tips into your business plan, be sure to have funding to execute it properly through an unsecured business loan.  Once you solidify the funding, start executing these tips.  As a result, you shall see business increase.

Use Social Media

Social media is a great tool for small businesses.  It is a way to engage in two-way dialogue with your customers.  Facebook is a perfect example.

Get involved with Facebook by creating a company Facebook fan page.  It provides a platform for customers to leave comments about your product, company and services.  It offers the chance for your company to post promotions and answer questions, issues, or address whatever inquiry is sent your way.  By answering the feedback, it proves to customers you listen and care about what they think.  It builds a relationship that otherwise, would not exist.

Another social media tool assisting small businesses to grow is Yelp!

Yelp! listings are free.  It is a directory designed to allow customers and potential clients the chance to search for you by location and industry.  If you are a restaurant, people search by cuisine, location and pricing.  If you are an interior designer, customers may locate you by neighborhood.  It is a great way for small businesses to reach a mass market at once.

Social media is the perfect opportunity for your team to see what the public thinks about your business through the comments and rating systems.  Use this information to add improvements to enhance the business success.

There are many other marketing strategies and costs, which would need to be covered.  For instance, expansion costs, new equipment purchases, and contracting someone to handle accounting duties.  To find out how to cover these expenses, talk to one of our small business loan experts today.  You do not want to put your business on pause due to lack of funds.  This could cause a dip in business.  A small business cannot afford such a hit.

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small-business-loan-unsecured-needIt is exciting to own a small business and watch it grow.  Attaining additional customers and earning more profits is exactly what you have always dreamed of.  However, with the arrival of these changes, it is time to consider how will the expenses be paid for?  An unsecured business loan is able to provide money fast without putting your personal finances and assets in jeopardy.  Here are the top three reasons how a small business loan enables you to continue on a positive progression.

Hire More Staff

The need to expand your business is unfolding faster than predicted.  It is proof that your business model, service and product are a success in the industry.  But now that the orders are coming in, phones ringing off the hook, you realize it is impossible to handle the increased business solo.  You need to hire qualified staff to assist with daily operations.  To do so, you need funding.  How will you handle the money situation without meshing your personal finances with business?  An unsecured business loan concentrates only on your business transactions ensuring your personal assets stay intact.  Talk to one of our unsecured business loan experts for further details.

Update Equipment

Business expansion also means replacing equipment with updated, precise, and faster models.  If you own a restaurant, then a larger, new grill is required to keep pace with the increased business.  If you are an accountant, extra computers and the latest accounting software is desired to ensure the business moves forward.  Preparing for these changes allows you to concentrate on what is important, maintaining customers’ satisfaction.

Need Additional Space

Hiring staff and updating equipment is ideal, but it leads to the logical question of where are you going to house all of these improvements?  The current location is limited.  The need to build out or rent a larger space is necessary.  It provides the opportunity for your business to run smooth without hiccup.  Be ready to apply for funding enabling the purchase of complimentary space.

To find out more about unsecured business loans, call us today!

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