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The holidays are a great time for families…and businesses. Retail stores see an increase in profits throughout the seasonal shopping madness. The promotions and sales peak consumers’ interests, while the display entices people to walk in and spend money adding to your necessary cash flow. Experts agree to bring up sales, your display needs to ooze holiday savings. Here is a guideline to follow ensuring your marketing visuals in the store are appealing enough to achieve effective results.

Create a Focal Point

Every retail store window has a focal point. This can vary depending on your products. If you specialize in shoes then highlight winter boots for sale in the window. The idea is to make a consumer’s eyes go straight to the specials, and the merchandise you want moved out of the store during the holiday rush.

Use lights and signage to reel the client in. Think of what makes you stop and look when walking by a store window. Adapt these same techniques to your store.

Produce Signage Promoting Bonus Gifts

The holidays are the time for small businesses to outshine large department stores. Provide bonus gifts with the purchase of something from your boutique making you stand out.

The bonus gifts could also be in the form of buy 2 get 1 free or spend $50 and get $10 off entire purchase. Consider what tactic to use prior to creating your storefront. Then stage it accordingly. It is a great way to get people to enter, browse and buy from you.

No matter what holiday promotion, sales or deals you advertise, your small business needs the funds to execute it properly. Talk to our small business loan expert today!

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The media is plastered with news about businesses losing money, closing, and filing foreclosures.  How do you prevent your company from folding under?  It is as simple as maintaining a steady cash flow and the best way to achieve this is by applying for an unsecured business loan.

Unsecured Business Loan Provides

Cash for Holiday Promotions

An unsecured business loan provides the additional cash you need for the holiday promotions and marketing expenses.  It helps facilitate these plans without a hitch allowing you to entice customers to come in and spend money.  The results are increased profits at a time when businesses are struggling to remain open.

Unsecured vs. Traditional Bank Loan

There are many different types of funding available, but finding the one that works the best for your company is the way to go.  You need money for expansion plans, holiday hiring, holiday promotions, supplies, lease, bookkeeping, vendor expenses and more.  A traditional bank loan may be able to do this but it would take a long time before money reaches your hands.

A traditional bank loan takes months to go through the application process.  Then it is additional time before you receive notification of approval or rejected.  The timing could be horrendous.  Holidays are a time when additional funding is necessary to run a business successfully.  Without it, you drown in debt.

To find out more about an unsecured business loan, talk to one of our small business loan experts today.

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How to Allocate Marketing Time

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The entire idea of owning your own business is to have more time for your friends and family.  However, it seems to be a struggle.  For running a small business is time consuming.  The best solution to this issue is to find a way to market your company while still preserving personal time.  Here are some basic ideas on how to dedicate more time to personal obligations and less on work.

Schedule Automated Advertising

There are many tools available to small businesses today that allow you to run ads online without having to schedule adjustments on a daily basis.  There are programs, such as Google Adwords, which has the capability to be set and run.  For instance, you could designate your online ads to run between 7 A.M.-3 P.M. Monday through Friday.  Of course, you still need to check ad pricing and results on a regular basis.  Nevertheless, having the ability to set a specific schedule frees up your personal time.  Please note, besides designating times and days, you may choose a daily spending limit ensuring you do not go over budget.  This provides peace of mind, and the chance to be liberated of checking the information nonstop.

Find Someone to Create, Write and Send a Newsletter

It is essential to stay in touch with current and potential clients.  A newsletter is the perfect way to attain this goal.  Additionally, you want to stay in contact with professional referrals too.  These people send you business.  A newsletter is a means to remain in contact without being overbearing.  You may also include seasonal specials grabbing the reader’s attention and charming people into your business.

If you are just starting up and need additional cash flow, talk to a small business loan expert today.

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