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Halloween is the perfect opportunity for small businesses to step up their promotional items and hand out goodie bags.  It is the best excuse to produce creative, outside of the box promotions attracting a wide spectrum of age groups and people.  Here are some Halloween promotional tips that will help your small business create further cash flow.

How to Address Your Target Market through Halloween

When considering what products or promotional items to supply your target market, think about your audience first.  Are you a house appraiser that promotes to realtors?  If so, perhaps a loan calculator in a pumpkin shape would be appropriate.  Realtors are always carrying around loan calculators.  Thus, by combining Halloween, loan calculators and your business logo on the product, you remind your customers that you exist and are ready for hire.  Alternatively, if you are a restaurant or bakery, then supply Halloween themed deserts.  There are a numerous ideas to develop out of Halloween promotions.

Keep It Safe

If you wish to offer your customers a safe alternative to door-to-door trick or treating, then arrange an area where customers and their families engage in Halloween festivities without worrying about the safety of all parties involved.

Perhaps you organize a play region for kids under a certain age with adult supervision.  Limit the age and amount of kids allowed in the area at one time.  Also, provide wrapped, pre-packaged candies ensuring there is no question about the safety of the candies.

There are many ideas available to implement during Halloween resulting in increased business and profits.  Just think about your target market, safety, and Halloween.  These three aspects will lead you to the ideal Halloween promotion.

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How to Recession-Proof Your Business

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It is frightening to run a business during tough economical times. But there are ways to recession-proof your business no matter the size of your company. You could be a business with 3 employees or a large corporation with 1,000 employees. The tactics are the same. Here are some tips to ensure your business reaches the next level.

Continue Marketing Efforts

It does not matter if your business is slow; you need to continue with marketing efforts. Increase the marketing and advertising strategies if possible. Put more money into these departments, otherwise, your business could collapse. There are many examples of this in big industry. For instance, Jell-O, Doritos and Crisco cut advertising budgets significantly. The results, the sales dropped from 24-64%. Ouch! This could ruin a small business instantly. Alternatively, Jiff peanut butter increased their marketing and advertising budgets and the sales increased by 57%. Lesson learned is to avoid putting a halt on marketing and advertising techniques. You need to keep the business name, products and services in the public realm. If you do not, the results could be devastating.

Utilize Technology

There is more out there than just Facebook to achieve additional customers and maintain loyal ones. Be sure you are on top of the different online programs that create a big impact on business. Two of the top ones right now are Four Square and Yelp! Take advantage of the internet and social media networks available to you and your customers. It will help increase business without breaking your budget.

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Small Business Time Management Tips

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A Small Business Loan is a

Start…Next, Work on

Time Management

To run a successful small business, it is essential to secure financing for start-up, growth, marketing, promotional and expansion costs. An effective way to achieve this funding goal is through a small business loan. However, what happens after you qualify? What should you be paying attention to when running a small business? Perfecting time management skills is one department that delivers profitable results.

Without time management skills, your business declines rapidly. Too much time wasted on non-profiting tasks is not productive. If the task does not bring you money, then it should not be taking up the majority of your time. One way to keep this in check is to write a morning “to do list.”

Write a Morning “To Do List”

A morning “to do list” keeps you moving along as need-be throughout the day. Leave the morning to return phone calls and emails. Then spend the rest of the day concentrating on sales initiatives. You will see results from handling your day in such a manner.

Sometimes You Have To Say No

You are a small business, and yes, customers do come first. You want to provide the best customer service available ensuring you build a strong relationship with repeat customers and attain potential new ones. However, there has to be a limit. You need to turn down requests for things not feasible or within your realm. For instance, if you are in the small business loan industry and a customer constantly calls asking free investment advice, it is not in your best interest to continue with that line of conversation. It eats up an excessive amount of time. Plus, your business is not benefiting from it. The solution is to delicately discourage these types of interactions from repeatedly occurring.

Running a small business is a tricky balance of keeping customers happy while finding time to continue expanding the business. To keep your business moving forward a time management plan must be put in place.

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