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When buying in bulk for the office, the key is to concentrate on the items that will save you money.  For some items cost more at the warehouse clubs than the supermarket and/or the national retail office supply stores.  Therefore, if you go into the shopping experience with an idea of how much the items cost, then you will be a smarter shopper saving your small business money in the end.  Here are some basic guidelines to help you figure out what to buy in bulk.

Buy Paper Goods and Products

Any type of paper goods and products are a must-buy at the warehouse clubs.  Think paper towels, toilet paper, tissues and more.  These items are cheap in bulk.  This also transcends to printer and copier paper.  Check to see if multi-use paper is available for it is normally cheaper and works well with a wide array of printers and copiers.  Read the labels to ensure it works with your company office equipment.  If it does and the price is good, then stock up on it accordingly.

Compare Printer Ink

Printer ink is expensive no matter where you buy it.  However, if you buy in bulk, in general, it is cheaper than buying the same amount anywhere else.  Plus, when you have a project due and the ink is running low the last thing you want is to have to run out when a client is on the way to your office to pick-up the exact paperwork.  You need to keep additional printer ink on-hand.  It is commonsense.  Thus, purchase the printer ink in bulk preventing this from occurring.  It will reduce office spending on office supplies.

These are two great tips on how save your small business money when buying in bulk.  To find out more about working capital, small business loans, and how to cover operational costs, talk to a professional, experienced lender today.

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The economy is bouncing back, and small businesses have been slowly finding their way to earning profits again.  But what if history repeats itself?  How will you handle things differently if the financial climate turns rocky but your business needs stability?  Here are three tips on how to run a successful business even when the economy turns unpredictable.

Request Financial Assistance

When your business is short on cash do not find yourself stuck without any working capital.  It could cause a rippling effect throughout the entire business making it crumble to the ground.  Prevent this from happening by applying for a small business loan and/or attaining government assistance.  The government has many programs benefiting small businesses through the Small Business Administration (SBA).  Find out what options are available to you.

Reduce Spending

Find ways to cut costs.  If the majority of your spending is due to travel, then research travel agents and find the cheapest provider.  If office supplies are cutting into your budget, then look at buying items in bulk from large retail club chains.  All of these expenses add up.  Finding a way to lower costs is essential to running a smart, successful business.

Review Marketing Efforts

Try to shift your marketing focus on means that provide the biggest bang for the buck.  Consider ways to reach millions without spending a fortune.  Look at social marketing, cross promotions and other efforts reaching a maximum amount of your target market for a reasonable amount of money.  Examine what works best and start narrowing in on it.

These are three smart ways to help your business cut costs.  For further assistance, talk to a small business loan professional today.

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People rarely search business advertising in paper form anymore.  Instead, people turn to the Internet.  It is the number one form of marketing and advertising.  But how can your small business benefit from such tactics?  Here is a basic outline of what type of Internet marketing and advertising your business should pay attention and start implementing immediately.

Start with Local Search

When you are running a business for a particular local area, then your company should be listed on the local search sites, such as Yelp!, Google Maps and more.  This will help attain a presence online.  For instance, say you own a summer swimming lessons school, but you need to get the word out about your location and facility.  If you post your business in the appropriate local searches, it will appear as search results when potential clients are looking for swimming lessons in that particular area.  It is a simple way to reach millions of people in a few easy steps.

Check Out Pay-Per-Click Ads

Another online means to advertise is Pay-Per-Click ads.  This is a great way to get your advertisements out on the web without going over budget.  The reason being is you are able to set a maximum daily budget, which his key for small businesses.  You are not working with the same budget as a large corporation in your industry.  The daily budget settings allow you to compete without overspending.

If your business still needs additional funding, talk to an expert about a business cash advance or a small business loan today.

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