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Claim Missing Money

Paying your taxes causes a direct depletion in cash flow.  Your business is slow due to the recession leaving only enough money to cover business operating costs via an unsecured business loan.  Thus, what do you do about extra personal expenses?  How are you going to pay for the kids’ soccer uniforms or your monthly gym membership?  You need to scrape up some money.  One way to do so is to recall what owed money is floating around that you left unclaimed.  Let me explain.

Remember Old Deposits

When you move from one location to another there is usually a financial deposit exchanged for utility, cable, internet and phone set-up charges.  And, sometimes, people forget to collect these deposits before moving.  For example, what if you had these accounts from college established in your name, paid a deposit, and did not recall collecting.  You graduated, moved on and life continues.  Well, why not do research, contact the utility companies, and discover what money is sitting there waiting for you with your name on it?  Companies do not take the time to search for you.  Hence, you need to look for them.  Once you find them then the money owed will be issued providing you with extra cash for the month.

Contact Aged Bank Accounts

Check out old bank accounts to see if you left any money behind.  Find out if your frequent flyer miles program has cash rewards for you to collect.  Discover if you left any unclaimed property behind.  All of these things do add up.  Every little bit does help.

Talk to a small business lender today to provide ample information about small business loans.  Keep business operating smoothly with proper financing preventing interruptions from occurring.  Contact a loan specialist and get started immediately!

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Is Your Debt Making You Sick?

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Debt Causes Bad Health

When your small business is piling up with unpaid invoices from clients, it causes a domino effect on the rest of your operating costs.  Business bank accounts are deflating at a quick rate.  No deposits mean zero money coming in to cover expenses.  Cash flow is at an all-time low.  It is a financial mess!  Thus, the stress level rises faster than you realize and next thing you know you are physically ill, in debt, and no way out.  You have to start thinking of ways to deal with stress, and poor finances during a recession.

Ask for Debt Help

Being the boss is not easy, but to be a successful boss, you need to know when to ask family, friends, employees and lenders for help.  If you see your business falling into a negative financial situation, talk to lenders before it reaches the point of no return.  Find out what are your financial options.  Then, ask your friends for assistance so you do not get sick.  Engage in walks together.  It has a double-purpose.  It relieves stress but also use the time as a brainstorm session.  Bounce ideas of how to improve the business in the walking setting.  It helps you remain calm, deal with the situation in a healthy manner and seek out other ideas.  Furthermore, it helps to hear your thoughts aloud.  Hence, you get to exercise and plan your next business move without having to sit in a chair, behind your desk, staring at your computer screen while business transactions are unfolding around you.

So get out and walk, think about your finances, and exchange ideas with friends and family.  Enjoy the fresh air while you strategize your next financial move.  Talk to lenders, look for a small business loan and find out what you can do to improve your small business.  Do not wait until the situation is dire for then it will be too late to save your business and your health.

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You cannot turn on the television without hearing about the economic crisis hitting the global stage.  People are in debt, unemployment on the rise and families continue to lose homes.  But what about the amount of debt you attained affecting your employment opportunities?  Various news outlets have touched upon this, but here is a reminder on why you need to secure cash flow ensuring this does not happen to you.

Employers Examine Credit Scores

When times are tough and you wind up closing your small business doors, then you are forced to search for a job until things get better.  The pressure is on to find employment, but there may be something blocking your chance of attaining a job, your debt.

If you are one of millions of people out of a job, then be careful about your credit score and debt.  Employers are now looking at credit scores to determine whom to hire.  It may not be fair, but it is becoming the deciding factor amongst employers today.  There are thousands of people applying for two-hundred job spots, thus, to weed out candidates, employers are researching credit scores.  Therefore, you need to be aware of where you stand.  Talk to lenders to get you out of a bind.  Prevent reaching the point where debt collectors start hounding you.  Find out options of how to finance your small business avoiding the closing of your small business doors to begin with.

Prevent Debt Pile-Up: Acquire a Small Business Loan

You do not wish to be out on the street, unemployed, in debt, and unsure where to go from here.  Try to avoid this tragedy from occurring to you.  Plan ahead, do research and find the right small business loan ensuring your small business stays open even during rough times.

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