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When your business is hit with a slump, and money is coming in slowly, how do you continue running your small business?  How do you handle operating costs?  A business cash advance is a great solution to this common problem.  It is growing in popularity and it might be the right solution for you too.

Why Select Business Cash Advance

A business cash advance is a way to make certain your business keeps running and paying for operating costs without losing potential profits.  You do not pay back the business cash advance in a set schedule of payments, but rather it comes from your small business’s credit card transactions.   It is an effective means of keeping the cash flowing in and out of your business and payback the business cash advance at the same time.

Requirements are Uncomplicated

The main items needed to qualify for a business cash advance is to examine your business credit score and credit card transactions.  There is a minimum requirement of credit card transactions required.  Then the receiver of the cash advance pays back the loan through a percentage of the credit card receipts.  It is a simple process.

Convenience is Key

An unsecured business loan, merchant cash advance or a business cash advance does not require any collateral.  You are not personally liable to repay the loan out of your pocket.  It relieves much stress from your daily life knowing that your home, car, and possessions are not at-risk allowing you to concentrate on the business priorities of your life.

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Top 3 Small Business Trends for 2010

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There are small business trends that shall occur in 2010, which experts agree upon across the board.  Here is an outline of a few of them to keep in mind while going forward.

Think About Senior Citizens

Any service that handles aging health issues, prevention and care will continue to rise in 2010.  For instance, vision correction surgeries, cosmetic treatments, and technical assistance provided for elderly care are going to be very profitable businesses in the upcoming year.  This is great news for those already involved in this industry.  If you are not in a service directly linked to the aging population, then think about what products you would be able to provide for this target market.  It will be the way to go.

Go Green

There is something to be said for “going green” and it does not have to solely do with the environment.  “Going green” is a financially successful industry, even during a recession.  There are many government incentives enabling companies to implement clean energy encouraging a rise in businesses in discovering renewable energy, and shall do very well in the years to come.  “Going Green” is something small businesses need to think about when remodeling business plans.

Pets Come First

Regardless of cutting back expenses on ourselves, it seems people are not cutting spending on their pets.  The pet industry is the one industry not affected from the recession and this is a worldwide phenomenon.   In America, according to the American Pet Products Association, total pet spending in 2008 topped at $43 billion.  In 2009, the approximate figure is $45.4 billion.  In 2010, the numbers shall increase.  Thus, start thinking about how your small business is able to benefit too.

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There are general operating costs businesses utilize regardless of size of the company.  These are standard tips to help your business accomplish this task.

Consume Energy Expenses

In today’s world, one of the easiest expenditures to lower is the business electricity bill.  For instance, use timers on the air conditioning unit ensuring the air is not running during closed business hours.  Employ the usage of light motion sensors.  Thus, anytime someone walks in a room, the lights turn on, and when someone leaves, the lights automatically turn off.  You will be surprised how much of an impact these little changes formulate in your overall small business costs.

Watch for Better Cell Phone Plans

Cell phone companies are extremely competitive, which is an advantage to businesses today. For with the competition, pricing wars erupt.   Therefore, keep an eye out for the best cell phone deals for your company.  As long as wage wars exist, prices drop for various plans saving your business money in the end.

Change Shipping Carriers

When running a business, shipping, postage and mail related costs add up quick.  It eats up most of your budget.  As a result, you need to find alternative means to ship.  Check out your local United States Postal Services.  For some business owners do not realize, the United States Postal Service is a much cheaper route than big brand name shipping companies.  Identify price cuts in this budget and see what options work best for you.

Survey Bank Charges

Monthly bank account maintenance fees can be costly.  You need to shop around for bank services.  Find a bank with reasonable prices, offers solid assistance, and is able to meet your business requirements.

The four effective tips listed above are uncomplicated ways to save money on operating costs.  The main prerequisite is to do some research and find the most beneficial options and implement them accordingly.  Every smallest adjustment helps when it comes to running a business.

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